San Juan Bautista Mission Under the Big Dipper

Posted by Nick Lust (Hollister, United States) on 23 August 2015 in Architecture and Portfolio.

This is a panoramic that I took of the San Juan Bautista Mission in San Juan Bautista, California. During this time of year, the Big Dipper finds itself directly over the Mission. The warm light in the background comes from various agricultural businesses about 2 miles away.

This picture was a labor of love. First off, it is a series of 12 vertical shots that were put together using the Photomerge action within Photoshop. Second, each of the twelve shots had two different exposures. One exposure for the sky and the Mission, another exposure for the warm light under each arch. I then had to do some layer masking on all 12 images before I even began to run them through Photoshop. The finished image you see took about 3 hours to process.

Please let me know what you think, and thank you for taking the time to look.



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